Online lessons are available to local and long-distance students from around the world. Advantages of online lessons include:

  • Convenient (e.g.. parents do not need to drive anywhere).
  • Students can be virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Great for students who travel a lot for work or pleasure.
  • Video footage of the lesson can be uploaded to the student's online folder.

As long as you have the following, online guitar lessons may be the perfect option for you:

  • A computer that runs on Mac OS, Windows, or Unix.
  • Webcam (Built-in or Separate)
  • Microphone (Generally, an inexpensive stand-alone USB mic works much better than built-in laptop microphones; the latter tend to pick up a lot more unwanted ambient sounds. Excellent stand-alone mics cost between $25-45.)
  • Reliable internet connection (An Ethernet connection is more reliable than WiFi. Even if the modem is far away from the computer, inexpensive Ethernet cables of longer than 50 or 100 feet are easy to purchase via Amazon or other computer dealers. 

Dr. Seth uses the state-of-the-art conferencing service Vidyo. (Free to all students.) The student receives an email containing a direct link to the portal, and easy-to-install Vidyo software.

Online Guitar Lessons
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