by having no guaranteed makeups is there ever any possibility of a makeup?

While makeups are not guaranteed, an alternative time for a canceled lesson may be available during the week of the cancellation. A makeup lesson is a courtesy to the student. The makeup must occur within the week of the canceled lesson; it does not carry over to future weeks or accrue.

Sometimes, no alternative slots are available. If an alternative slot(s) is available within the week, it will be offered to the student; however, if the student cannot attend the alternate slot(s), the student is still charged for the missed lesson. (See Section 14 of the FAQ for more)

As happy as I am to offer an alternative time during the week of a cancellation, there have been times when I have come close to doing away with this altogether. The reason for this stems from the occasional student who has come to expect a makeup because I was able to accommodate a makeup(s) in the past; the student forgets that the makeup is a courtesy and is not guaranteed. 

Much of the possibility of makeups hinges on my teaching roster. A makeup is far easier to accommodate when I have a short roster. When I moved to this area a couple of years ago, my teaching roster was fluctuated between 20-50% of capacity and remained there for nearly two years.

As great as this was for the students and as glad as I was to accommodate makeups, a meager roster brought on tremendous financial stresses. Several times over this period, I came close to stopping teaching professionally. (With two studios, my roster needs to be at 80% of full capacity just to cover monthly expenses.)

Recently, my roster is up to 90-100% capacity. I turn away students on a weekly basis because I have no teaching slots available. As much as getting out of the red is a tremendous relief, finding alternate times during the week of a cancellation is now much more difficult and sometimes not possible at all. 

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