Dr. Seth's professional background:

Claremont Guitar Lesson Performance
  • Nearly 30 years of experience teaching at every level (elementary school to university)
  • Ph.D. in Music and two performance degrees in guitar (Masters and Bachelors)
  • Author of three books in music education and history
  • Versatile in teaching all music styles and techniques
  • An organized, creative approach based on the interests of the player
  • Over 1200 performances in the U.S. and internationally
  • Teaches only a limited number of students to ensure the highest in quality teaching and responsiveness


Detailed biography

A protégé of the world-renown guitarist Jimmy Bruno and late-pianist-educator Jimmy Amadie, Seth completed a Ph.D. in Musicology and a Masters in Classical Guitar Performance with Jack Sanders from the Claremont Graduate University. He completed his Bachelors in Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of the Arts.

As a music educator, Seth guides players at every level from elementary school up to university. He has also authored two books published by Midoriyama Publishing. The most recent, A Guitarist's Guide to Chord Construction. Volume 1: Root-Position Voicings and Volume 2: Inversions, offers a unique approach to constructing chords on the guitar.

His first book, Billy Bean: The Life and Music of a Jazz Guitar Legend, a comprehensive, two-volume biography about the great introverted jazz guitarist Billy Bean has received much acclaim around the world.  

A professional guitarist for over 30 years, he has performed over 1200 concerts. He continues to perform across the United States and internationally. His performances range from solo guitar to as large as fifteen-piece ensembles.

Among the many great musicians with whom Dr. Seth has performed are Grammy and Golden Globe-nominated singer Frank Stallone, two-time Grammy winner Nmon Ford, and world-renowned virtuoso bassist Jennifer Leitham

To hear recordings of Seth's live performances, please visit his performance-based website www.sethgreenbergmusic.com.

His Curriculum Vitae (CV) is available here: Dr. Greenberg's CV.



"A true master, Dr. Seth Greenberg is one of the most natural teachers I have ever come across as a college professor of over 20 years."      -Todd M. (student)

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